Open Letter to Davids Tuller and Putrino

After one of the world’s most well-known Long COVID researchers went all-in on questionable statements about FND, I decided to reply.

Le Pub Scientifique – Jon Stone on Functional Neurological Disorder and Pain

In March 2023, expert FND neurologist Jon Stone sat down with the folks at Le Pub Scientifique to discuss what we can learn from the intersection of FND and chronic pain. I was honored to be a panelist for this event and to ask Jon some questions from the patient perspective.

Functional Neurological Disorder: From Hysteria to Cybernetics

A presentation for the psychiatry department at St. Michael’s Hospital, Toronto, Canada.

Cadenza for Fractured Consciousness: A Personal History of the World’s Most Misunderstood Illness

My deep-dive essay into the history and neurobiology of Functional Neurological Disorder. It is the product of three years of research, as well as interviews with leading brain scientists and dozens of people with FND.

Cadenza for Fractured Consciousness: The Bibliography

Want to check out the big old pile of research material that underlies “Cadenza?” Now you can!

All Reflections Are Light

How Did We Get Hysteria So Wrong? A Freewheeling Tour Through 2,000 Years of Screwing Up

A loose-limbed jaunt through the history of Hysteria.

The Anatomical Directions

Anterior! Posterior! Rostral! Caudal! What does it all mean? A short tutorial on the directions that medical professionals use to refer to parts of the human body.
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