The Landing Pad

A place to start your rebound.

Getting diagnosed with FND can feel like you have been suddenly flung into mid-air. When down is up and up is down, here are some key resources to help you stick the landing.

FND Hope provider directory – FND International’s provider directory can help you locate an FND specialist near you. Their website also contains much helpful general info about FND.

NORD (National Organization for Rare Diseases) FND page – FND isn’t actually a rare disorder, but this page is an excellent introduction to the basics of FND. – Neurologist Jon Stone’s page on FND. This covers lots of FND symptoms and FAQs, and also includes a neat “formulation tool” to help you better understand your path to FND.

#Informthedoctor information sheet – many people with FND find that our doctors know little about the condition, and may also hold outdated beliefs about it. FND Action’s #informthedoctor campaign has the materials you need to bring your doctor up to speed.

FND Recovery – a lovely page by Max, a person with FND, who created her own unique approach to healing. There’s lots of wisdom in here.

All Reflections Are Light – A talk I gave for FND Hope’s annual conference. It covers the basics of what FND is, some brain areas involved, and why FND doesn’t fit neatly into traditional treatment specialties.

Cadenza for Fractured Consciousness – an in-depth essay on the history, neurobiology, and social impact of FND, written by yours truly.

myFND – a mobile app specifically designed for tracking and improving FND symptoms.

Curable – a neuroscientifically-grounded app for treating chronic pain.

Overcoming Functional Neurological Symptoms: A Five Areas Workbook – a workbook with many suggestions for FND treatment. Not all will apply to you and your situation, so take what feels relevant, and leave the rest.

A practical review of functional neurological disorder (FND) for the general physician – Bennett, et al (2020). A more technical reference to share with doctors who want to support people with FND.

Physiotherapy for functional motor disorders: a consensus recommendation – Nielsen, et al (2015). A great resource to give your physiotherapist.

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