A list of FND treatment centers. Please note that some centers may treat only a specific FND sub-type (such as functional seizures), so if you are seeking treatment please check a given website carefully to make sure their services are relevant to your symptoms. This list is not exhaustive; see FND Hope for a more comprehensive list of providers.

United States

Massachusetts General Hospital
Brigham and Women’s Hospital (Boston, MA)
Yale University (PNEA)
Stanford University
Mayo Clinic
NES (Nonepileptic Seizures) Treatment at University of Colorado Anschutz
Re-Active PT (Los Angeles, CA)
Rewire Physical Therapy (New York, NY)
Rhode Island Hospital
Emory Healthcare

Toronto Western Hospital Movement Disorders Clinic
University of British Columbia Neuropsychiatry

Dr. Mohamed Megahed Gheis
Fisherman’s Wharf Clinic
21-21 Dallas Road
Victoria, BC V8V 4Z9
Phone: 778-400-4248
Fax: 250-483-1503

Check out this list at FND Hope UK.


Check out this list from FND Australia Support Services.

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